Shipping and return policies for The Burning Hell

Shipping Info
We'll jump through windows and leave hospital beds to ensure that items are mailed out within three days of orders being placed. Unless you have a special or urgent shipping request - in which case get in touch with us about it - all items will be sent regular mail. This means that in most cases you'll receive your order within a couple of weeks, but depending on which corner of earth you live on, it could take up to four, five or even (gasp) six weeks. Please remember that when you order from here, you're dealing directly with the band members, so feel free to ask us lots of questions about anything you want, but please also be nice and have patience. We're doing our best over here. Thank you for the support!
Return Policy
If something arrives broken or seriously wounded, get in touch and we'll do our best to replace it (although limited quantities of some items could mean that the LP that the courier ran over with the truck was the very last copy in the world).